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The United Republic of Tanzania

Property and Business Formalization Program

Core Values

CREATIVITY: Creativity confides and believes on one’s innovativeness ability to transform ideas, thoughts and dreams to be a reality. MKURABITA PSC (Program Steering Committee), Management and Staff are committed for progressive economic development transformations of the nation

RESPECT: Respect is about supporting the voicing of ideas, views, and opinions. The PSC members, Management, and Staff will remember the obligation to treat other people with respect as they would like to be treated.

INTEGRITY: Integrity is about being honest and with strong moral principles. The PSC members, Management and Staff, committed to serving the beneficiaries and stakeholders with the highest degree of honesty and strong moral principles.

TRANSPARENCY: Transparency covers openness and frankness that amplify the quality of being understood and recognized. The PSC members, Management, and Staff are determined to promote candidness and frankness in all doings.

TEAMWORK: Teamwork means the ability to work participatory and collaboratively with others. The PSC members, Management, and Staff will cultivate and live team performance culture and take responsibility for team performance

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability means taking responsibility for one’s words and actions. The PSC members, Management, and Staff, will be responsible for ensuring effective performance and service delivery at all times.